Identity and Security Card Solutons

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Idcardsfiji provides custom printed lanyards & retractables, plus ID cards with photo, membership & loyalty card options. We supply conference name tags. Fiji’s leading supplier of personal identification products, Idcardsfiji also offers the friendliest service in the business!


Lanyards :: Plain or Custom Printed Lanyards

lanyards_nobordersLanyards – Custom printed, personalised or plain Lanyards in a range of sizes, colours and end fittings, including many options such as safety breakaway lanyards, end fittings including a variety of clips, and retractables to hold ID Cards, keys and mobile phones etc.


Reels & Retractable :: ID Card and Key Holders

retractables_nobordersRetractable ID card holders and key holders in a range of styles, sizes and capacities to hold keys, ID Cards etc.



ID Clips :: ID Card Holders

ClipsID CARD Clips & Holders in a range of styles to securely display all types of ID Cards, including photo identification cards, photo ID cards, membership and loyalty cards – from heavy duty nickel plated clips to plastic clip for environments where metal is not acceptable. Options include clips that incorporate a safety pin, as a more secure method of attachment, or an adhesive clip with safety pin that can be used without the need to punch holes through ID cards.


Conferences tags :: Conventions & Events Name Tag Holders

exhibition_nobordersName tag holders in a range of styles and sizes to hold and display conference name tags and convention name tags. If you are thinking about holding an event or trade show, you need to see our great range of conference name tags!


Membership Cards :: VIP and Loyalty Cards

cards_nobordersNeed membership cards, loyalty cards or any form of custom ID cards? We can produce brilliant full colour, highly durable PVC ID cards for your business.


ID Cards :: Student ID cards and Loyalty Cards

idcards_nobordersPhoto IDs on a brilliant full colour, highly durable PVC card. The incorporation of your logo as a prominent feature of the identification card projects a positive company image wherever it is worn.