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Conference Pouches

Name Tag Holders for Conferences, Events, and Trade Shows


Name tag holders for conferences and events, with optional lanyards. These Name tag holders are  ideally suited to shorter term use such as conferences, conventions, events and trade shows, and are available in a range of styles to securely display a variety of ID information. We offer friendly, personal service.

H86x60 & V60x86
Designed to hold items the size of a credit or ID card. (These pouches are amongst our biggest sellers.)
* Printable paper inserts (180gsm) available for these pouches up to 86mm x 60mm (10 pre-perforated inserts per A4 sheet)
H86x60: Horizontal / Landscape
V60x86: Vertical / Portrait
Horizontal external pouch measurement: W94mm x H82mm
Vertical external pouch measurement: W67mm x H108m


Slightly bigger than the H86x60, this pouch is designed to
accommodate a business card or similar.
*Printable paper inserts (180gsm) available up to 98mm x
70mm (8 pre-perforated inserts per A4 sheet)
H98x70: Horizontal / Landscape
Horizontal external pouch measurement: W104mm x H92mm


Insert Pouch – This pouch incorporates a clever design allowing an insert to be added, which can be used to easily identify different groups.
Printable inserts available(180gsm)
Insert pocket up to 98mm x 70mm (8 pre-perforated inserts per A4 sheet)
Bottom pocket up to: 98mm x 19mm (32 pre-perforated inserts per A4 sheet


A large pouch with plenty of room for an insert which can
include graphics, logos and multiple fields.
*Printable paper inserts (180gsm) available up to
95mm x 140mm (4pre-perforated inserts per A4 sheet)
V95x140: Vertical / Portrait
Vertical external pouch measurement: W97mm x H158mm